The unofficial mayor of everytown (street province area endz)-including yours -speaks -JUNE 2015

Babar Luck, Belgium, 2011

Like forgiveness like mouths speaking 

me always speaking and sleeping  

respect to the show we had a litle way bk oz 

glad the heads that nodded knew it and felt it 

- i have a full live mainly electric band ready now in thease dreamtime landz i am in 

they will be playing babar luck songs

but adding like all the musicians i work with  

better bitts then i do -

i am blessed i work with the best always

they are the best in many things always 

i thank those now and those in my past and those to come 

-so the band i have in this dreamtime are in Australia Brizbane

the band working name is 


(working name names are names this one is not dumbing down) 

we will be playing electric instruments mainly

doing punk/rock/reggae/soul/hipphope

if interested and can pay us

what we feel we deserve

please contact- 

i will also be asking and looking in my own immeditable way -

love is love and we a love al the people all the time 

work is work and bills are bills my past record speaks for itself 

coz i speak for those who never took oppression willingly and spoke the truth as they saw it-

i have 

i have 

i have 

so get me if you get me 

if you dont get me dont worry about it

love will win it always has 

for bookings and enquiries please email 

or the other nettworks as stated earlier 

music is my remedy and reading and doing some sketching but i get more pleasure from sitting in a room doing nothing 

rememeber love will win 

love will win 

stay peaceful as you can

live love as much as you can 

keep creative 


we have made a compliation cd to sell at shows and re-done the folk cd 

we also have babar luck and the philozoferz -high

"the path of human civil-lie-zation" soon to downloadable and actual live copies available 

so keep your ears and eyes open


thanks to all for those who give me encouragement and thanks to those who dont i need you all to be as honest as you can coz thats how i am 


there is music available from itunes and amazone so chk it chk babar luck and help the cause of one love and respect for all 

ha ha ha ha