For ideas and songz with fuller taste fresh views

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Yes fear not humanity please chk
also please i like to thank the humanity which makes the wolrd go roun the good humans and the real humans
we have much music alive on itunes and amazon etc
please uppload inform others
we are looking for live work solo and with group doing babar luck musick and songz
for bookings and info
please email
there is a saying real people love
cowards use gunns dont be one
when we see that child in the other side of the world as our child as our family then we can all be free
hope not hate
speak the truth not easy but is the way
forgiveness is a option
When others judghe us they are judgheing theirselves
now rhubarb and custard crumble
i was told my musick is like lkj meets noam chomsky with a bit of jehru the damaja bit of chester p lotts of joni mitchell nina simone salif keitha joe strummer jhon lennon bob dylan bob marley michael rose ....u can go figure i c myself as a human being just making music the best i can and expressing a world citizen viewpoint where we can have all our needs met. love wil win. it always has.

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