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The Babar Luck World Citizen Folk Band is a brainchild of devout Musician, Humanist & “Multi-Genre” extraordinaire singer songwriter Babar Luck.

Featuring violin, viola, djembe drum, wondrous harmonies & simple guitar of six strings, heart feltlyrical expression of world issues & humanitarian visions from many perspectives is what Babar Luck does best.

Utilising his love of Reggae, Dub, Trance & Hip Hop, Babar Luck pushes the boundaries of what is considered Folk music branding this unit who have self-released 2 CDs available on Itunes, as the creators of “Sci-Fi Folk” akin to “3 chords and the truth”.



Chris Nickson (fRoots Magazine, April 2011) writes:

Singer-songwriter Babar Luck is one of those idiosyncratic, enigmatic spirits who operates perfectly well under the radar.

This, his seventh CD, finds his guitar and voice part of a new band, backed by bass, percussion & violin. The grouping seems to have energised him; the material is excellent, with some of the best, most incisive songs he’s written, and the aggregation truly sparks - think Joe Strummer and an acoustic Mescaleros, with a fiddler (say Tymon Dogg) as the powerhouse instrumentalist.

Vocally, Luck keeps getting better & better, and on this album (acoustic it might be, but it’s very rock’n’roll at its heart) he sings with emotion, compassion, and real force; the man has grown into his voice.

There are several outstanding cuts here, form the opener of Come Home to Easy Money, which connects the dots between politics and business, the ache of Die Free and Sing the Guns to Sleep, about the hope for peace from a soldier’s perspective.

Reggae finds its way into things too, not only on World Citizen, but also on Gun Law.

Recorded live to analogue, this is a collection that marks out the band as something very special. Miss Joe? Then this might be exactly what you need.




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