dear humanz love al the people al the time march 2015 tumolt

lucky shot
ati child the 1st from philipines b4 what we know

Dear alienz legal or ilegal

this is a quick "poemblog" for those oo hv an hv not

the 1st picture is by "the brain "  

of the Ati peoples the original peoples of what we know as Philipines

{excuse my spelling i dont spellcheck )

the other photograph is taken of me in one of me last shows

by one of my "unclebrothemusician";

love to the whole worl fam we lov dem all always

aint it -"home we al go bk too"

love all the people al the time

for those remebered those born

walk tall as you can speak the truth shame the devil in all its forms in us an in otherz

peace is a action not a word

sprecen ist silber schweigen ist gold

talking is silver silence is gold