babar luck the unofficlal mayor of EVERYTOWN announcement for April 2015

Babar Luck, Belgium, 2011

Poembloggs are us we dont fizz or fuzz 

for those that know mr. luck 

he whould like to tell you as iz  and as a "Ghostwriter" 

and for those that know him know this 

Babar Luck will be resideing in Australia till summer 2016 

He will return to europe and u.k in and around summer 2016 for 2 months 

He will be in touch to organise work in that time period 

He is looking for MUSICAL work in Australia and the local territories and regions till summer 2016 

so please contact via all the usual nettwork sites etc also 

     to email please

      Babar luck makes music in a variety of genras

"Rock and roll Hipphope world music Folk Dance electro Dubb trance thrash brock grock"


so for those who wish to make a better world 

where we can express ourselves and talk about all things 

where humour and fun exists without anybody being ridiculed or made fun off 

where peoples listhen to all forms of music and accept humans with love and compassion 

where everybody gets a silce of cake 

none more simple then babar luck 

no one enjoys music making and entertaining humans more then babar luck 

so for now enjoy this space get in touch get involved

we wil do the best we can and you do the best you can 

love you all 

because we love all the peoples all the time 

love compassion forgiveness peace and pacifism gentleness 

Love will win