Babar Luck tumolt (the unofficial mayor of London town ) nex 3 shows &links and a special mesage

Firstly thanks to counting coins on feb 20th 2015 @the new adelphi HULL topp gypsy/punk/folk/hipphopp

On 19th feb we did  we didd a historical live musical radio chk link with my "grandpa"

http;// also chk the main guys post Italien and for booking info and discussion we  also have a show doing what we did LIVE on wed 25th with that unit the birds nest pub 32 dephtford new church street se8 4rz u.k london

we travel to Scotland to play show in Edinboro thurs 26th feb a once a year "treat" for me and for those in Scotland who want to hear a 100% fool singer songigniter songcraft hipp/slick/blues sci-fi rok reggae science heres is the the link

and on the 27th we are playing with
Billy liar a topp alt alt punk singer songigniter in Durham
then we are in BRISTOL on 1st march playing a alldayer with a bunch of bands(some of them excellent bands) a great all dayer!! i play 4ishpm solo and acoostik
please check my downloadable music on variety of legal downloadable platforms which allow me to eat and buy bread olives achaar cous cous etc ha ha
also dont be afaraid to ask you local venues and local agents and managers for the babar luck to visit your town - for all the people and real people love all the people all the time- thats the truth as best we can carry out we do our best- there is always room for imporovement- support d.i.y.
on a last note but important one for me as a musician in this northern western europe who has had the blessing to work with and continue to work with Great musicians - someone who i consider a true gentleman and a genuine supporter of babar luck music since early 90s in all my styles- from the early kp band days to just a month or so ago- He was the main stay drummer  of  bands Conflict / Discharge   Inner teresterials for many years -  r.i.p Paco
much strenth and peace to all of you- we are all mixed-
we are all ONE