Babar Luck


Born in Pakistan and moving to London at the age of 8, Babar Luck is one of the most refreshing and unique lyricists & performers around today.

From Siberia to Italy, this notable soloist performs around the globe, moving beyond tolerance limits in terms of humanity & musical genres. His straight from the heart style & realness, captures audiences, taking them on a journey of visions, dreams and hopes for peace & unity.


Babar Luck has shared (& continues to share) performance at many festivals of various 'genres' including Transmusicale Festival in France, Beautiful Days Festival in the UK & Denmark's massive Roskilde Festival.

Babar Luck accepted an invitation to perform at the much acclaimed TEDx conference series, held for the first time in Istanbul, Turkey with the theme "The Limits of Tolerance"


Babar Luck on stage

As well as performing solo, Babar expresses himself in a variety of musical formations - returning to his rock’n’roll roots with his ‘East End Trinity’, expressing his “Sci-fi” Folk music through ‘The Babar Luck World Citizen Folk Band’, via multicultural project ‘Remaking Europe’ & 2013 saw the launch of new project ‘The Babar Luck Experience’ & debut CD release “Voices”.

2014 sees Babar Luck unveiling yet another new working project “Babar Luck and The Philosophers Hi” & launch of this project’s debut CD “Babar Luck and The Philosophers Hi: The Path of Human Civilization”.

This year, we wittness also the release of the 3rd CD by his rock band East End Trinity.

Citing influences to include anything from Jay Z  to Joni Mitchell, Babar Luck has built his spaceship and is boldly going where no Pakistani has gone before.


 Music for all peoples?  Yes indeed!