For ideas and songz with fuller taste fresh views

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Yes fear not humanity please chk
also please i like to thank the humanity which makes the wolrd go roun the good humans and the real humans
we have much music alive on itunes and amazon etc
please uppload inform others
we are looking for live work solo and with group doing babar luck musick and songz
for bookings and info
please email
there is a saying real people love
cowards use gunns dont be one
when we see that child in the other side of the world as our child as our family then we can all be free
hope not hate
speak the truth not easy but is the way
forgiveness is a option
When others judghe us they are judgheing theirselves
now rhubarb and custard crumble
i was told my musick is like lkj meets noam chomsky with a bit of jehru the damaja bit of chester p lotts of joni mitchell nina simone salif keitha joe strummer jhon lennon bob dylan bob marley michael rose ....u can go figure i c myself as a human being just making music the best i can and expressing a world citizen viewpoint where we can have all our needs met. love wil win. it always has.

babar luck the unofficlal mayor of EVERYTOWN announcement for April 2015

Babar Luck, Belgium, 2011

Poembloggs are us we dont fizz or fuzz 

for those that know mr. luck 

he whould like to tell you as iz  and as a "Ghostwriter" 

and for those that know him know this 

Babar Luck will be resideing in Australia till summer 2016 

He will return to europe and u.k in and around summer 2016 for 2 months 

He will be in touch to organise work in that time period 

He is looking for MUSICAL work in Australia and the local territories and regions till summer 2016 

so please contact via all the usual nettwork sites etc also 

     to email please

      Babar luck makes music in a variety of genras

"Rock and roll Hipphope world music Folk Dance electro Dubb trance thrash brock grock"


so for those who wish to make a better world 

where we can express ourselves and talk about all things 

where humour and fun exists without anybody being ridiculed or made fun off 

where peoples listhen to all forms of music and accept humans with love and compassion 

where everybody gets a silce of cake 

none more simple then babar luck 

no one enjoys music making and entertaining humans more then babar luck 

so for now enjoy this space get in touch get involved

we wil do the best we can and you do the best you can 

love you all 

because we love all the peoples all the time 

love compassion forgiveness peace and pacifism gentleness 

Love will win 






dear humanz love al the people al the time march 2015 tumolt

ati child the 1st from philipines b4 what we know

Dear alienz legal or ilegal

this is a quick "poemblog" for those oo hv an hv not

the 1st picture is by "the brain "  

of the Ati peoples the original peoples of what we know as Philipines

{excuse my spelling i dont spellcheck )

the other photograph is taken of me in one of me last shows

by one of my "unclebrothemusician";

love to the whole worl fam we lov dem all always

aint it -"home we al go bk too"

love all the people al the time

for those remebered those born

walk tall as you can speak the truth shame the devil in all its forms in us an in otherz

peace is a action not a word

sprecen ist silber schweigen ist gold

talking is silver silence is gold



Babar luck (theunofficialmayorofalltownsandprovinces) & world citizen midd march 2015

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Yes was hektik last few days
Like the last 10days
Can i remember what was what
I recal i wil tek it from there
we were to play something with
oo is a post Italien chap
Oo also does stuf wid
Musik an a mission
to bring love into the coldblooded and show them we are all mixed
once we can see that we can stop hurting each other
on a wed...i was at the bird nest
those that know that place REALY KNOW THAT PLACE
Know its a space to do art
To make art work to b wid art like vibes humans iz like
many places i frequent
but must b pointed out that some assume the consumption of thingz
which r celebrated pills powders r NOT the pre-requsit ti makin art
"moderation in all thingz is the ideal"
i am actively "aware of whats required" we al must b aware that
"each enviroment requires a diferent set of tools" yes
People who are not artists are people who are not artists
Simply said we al think out what we are
We decide do an move on
Art should move the "consumers" WHO R
"not ideal recipiiants to recieve art"
we can only do art we have to b aware that the "recipients"
we cant choose we may elect select what we do in the hope of success/financial benefitz
but thats not art the art is the idea the completion of the idea to the best of our abilities
an then moving on "A CONSTANT FLUX"
Tantalizingly joel THE MANAGER OF birds nest was there so was ms.barnes
an mr.moody for a very good reason was not about the wonderful regulars and the wonderful barstaff
in all their wonderful shapes and sizes male and female
the wonderful characters were present some hv been mentioned
some not some wont be mentioned ha ha
a chap played the Nal that nite a Arabic instrument with a "drone" as backing
i was instrumental that night in "working" people on an off an intorducinG
on an of Thats not something that i like to do but each enviroment requires sum 1 to direct on off
in out out in etc
I was on the "halal whisky" just a single or so
friendz hv advised me to stik to one or two of those "HWs"
thats me being me its a "in joke" u can figure it out
it wil b explained it is a creation of mine
What i do know is "its not the evil that goes in your mouth its what comes out of the mouth"
so dont throw ideas rules projections unless one ia sure of whats being said
With me peoples b better of looking lissening and learning coz
i got the straighttalking going on i Feel it More then u an less then u
BUT u decide what u got to do
The next day me was on a coach to Edinboro leavin 9am reaching 7.20PM
Edinboro a another Granite city of sorts where the financialy less chanlenged scots live
they hav more art more sofistication some of that may b true some may not
what do i know i aint the "voice of reason but a voice who has little knowledge i just go by feelingz"
thats me so...
Wonderfuly pretty at nite edinboro i walkd to the venue Forest cafe was a coLd wind busting throo
i shed a litle tear for the bEggerz who were beding down for the nite an askin humans like me for
"spare change"
An so walked upp the stepps got ti THE main street askd thease ladies they were a bit "tipsy"
They said we just came from where u are going
..which is a nice thing to say an they guided me to where i needed to b
mr.liar was there to greet me an we had a flaffel wrap very tasty it was
had a blak cofee met the other acts mcneil/delighted peoples/turtle malone
dey r idealist an dreamers just doing their thing like me me
"salt&pepperwidbaldapot" was "jetblackalcovered"
Age an the dezire stil there hope in my way i can make them aporeciate what is possible
true grit like lilwayne u know me me know jhon ha ha
Some licke ones cry
"all i got is thease songz and the heart to sing them uncle why is it so difficult?"
it seems the money is what diktates fake friends
the accumulation of it is what is concidered success
as my "bloodz" on the street wil say thats a fact
i appreciate what they say and i value it but i dont agree it is the only way
facts r facts all i wil say is this is subjective
if you aint got money then it is a STRUGGLE
but also the way the world is is the way the world is what your perception
Is that the only criteria we have to gauge success?
and coz everbody does it does it make it right?
one should say no and those that say no well done
most that say now r oft found on the stepps to somewhere "spare change please "
i hope those that are around me get what they are looking for i only mean them the best
i only hope they get what they want
so we didd the show it was a good one there was larfs and almost tears
i did not have much merch left only very obscure stuff which peoples were kind enough to purchase
sometimes i am no different then the chapps on the way upp the stepps earlier "spare change please "
it was good and i was touched the young are genereous i think they know
"babar "truegrit" lucks r needed
we went back to the wonderful host mr. Billy liar
we had a show together the next day
which was at the jam jah durham and it was a favour for us by dave
that the jam jah crew sorted us out
there was another band booked King Bee and they played wel in the room next door
we hand fionas birthday who is the Queen bee of that organisation
we hung about and played some songs i did the night shift 1am
again it was another vibe and the songs were thrown out there it was good
we had a good time
we waited around till all was cleared upp and Fionas birthday was a good one
happy days
we got bk to the host had a tea and i had something stronger earlier and i slept wel
we had a chuckle about the electric chair which mr.liar took much merriment in using the control of it
so did i i had my turn in the morning ha ha
It was comfortable i slept on it lovely and we awoke to a fine afternoon
earlyish and the wonderful co-op that the jam jah are a part of is a duty and responsibilty
like all thnigs that require leadership
Fiona took us to the pub near the jam jah the sheaf or something
the day earlier we were in the Angel ROCK PUB
I hv me mate the tatooed one oo now lives london endz
we had had a touresty look about Durham
the young Billy liar had not visited the cathedral or durham before
so we did do that thing the day b4
we had lunch talked love a chat we do i do anyway sometimes
so i took mr.Billy liar to the station were he had his train to do show wid t.v smith
at the derby
i took a train to b with me mate Mark oo kinda looks out for
the juggernought love band and The pastures check them out
the juggernought love band are a 8 piece funk live band
and the the pastures are a alt/punk/rok /folk band
both very good both have something special to offer
to contact them email MARK
So we hung about in newcastle for a bit the star and shadow cinema was having its
"moving party" meaning they have had to move
and so they have
thats another north east special place but yes all thingz must change
all thingz will change
we popped in and had a look about
and had a earlyish nite
i had a coach to bristol the next day to play a ska/punk all dayer
junior bill and the4 scalliwags from cardiff were good saw them early
Here's their new E.P
to book them
i saw the Talks and the Mad apple circus and the NEW TOWN KINGS
all in all a good day many other bands who were fun and a good larf
the place is run by chris and there was a soundman who i have known a looong time
so for band who want to play the fleece bristol contact
i met the captain from boomtown there e was hangin about he seemed to have fun
nice to meet upp with him say hello
i think my sett said what needed to be said that night
the young and the old all got it it seemed
and i mett some lecturer mates who were happy to attend
a show thats not as it always is in easton of Bristol which is where i frequent quite often
after me and Dino capuchino went and shot some pool and had a walk about and
we went and slept at my mans Dino pad
super dooper it was and hung about had a 3 pound pizza with 4 toppingz in the morn for breakfast
then took bus bk to london
easy ride bk it was landed bk got train bk to my endz
chilled and then me and emilio mett upp
the nex tuesday went to dalston sang some songz and on wed
i also finished of my 2016 record mixing etc
which will b called working title "strike when the knives r hott"
its great to have worked with those musicians on that cd and to finish a chapter
that began 2015
we still have the fantastik and "proper"
babar luck and the philozofers hi to release and it wil be out there in 2015
babar luck and the philozoferz hi
i mett mr.meller the other day the keyboard guy and general hipp cat
who made that possible
like its only made possibleby those who love the luck
coz if you dont love the luck
its kinda difficult to finish thingz
i love the luck i have and the week now just ended
is a wild one weekend coz i had the wonderful Gemma Gaynor the wife of Malcom Gaynor
who are topp musicians whio have helped me with many things
but mainly
we have completed 2 full lenth cds and we were very happy to do a show with the ever present mr.Scrim
doing the bass honurs that night
we played a wonderful sett at the purple turtle north london
happy to finish that chapter for now coz the wonderful Gaynors
are about to have their first child so good vibes go to them
was blessed to have them come and play and it was very sweet
also boika ezteban came and didd a song or two at the end
to truly represent the wonderful array of artists and world citizenz
to be irrelevant and to be exact
i went to small and big penis festival
to show some support to Gamecat ant smith and me m8 mr.chamberlin
wonderful creation to raise awareness of how we all are striveing for the body beautiful
and how the pressures we have to measure upp to whats considered kool
is not kool and it was a cabaret typething but with some serious undertones
like we say if we cant love all of us
how can we love any part of us
all or nothing
or nothing at all
love all the peoples all the time
thats the key
love is the way
God is love
and all other things
walk the path of peace brothers and sisterz
and fellow aliens
you can download 4/5 cds and musical creations via itunes and amaazone
i have folk cds rock cds and all info via
my websites#
for all bookingz first place
last few shows in u.k i think 13th march the sqaure harlow essexx supportin the undercover hippy
14th march southend on sea supporting the Goldmaster all stars
march the 20th mk11 kiln farm pub miton keynes
march 22nd the birds nest dominic allen book launch a bunch of bands we play 8ish pm
yes watch out chk this space
support independant musick
stay brite in the dark
the unoffical mayor of all towns and provinces (yes yor endz too)
babar luck

Babar Luck tumolt (the unofficial mayor of London town ) nex 3 shows &links and a special mesage

Firstly thanks to counting coins on feb 20th 2015 @the new adelphi HULL topp gypsy/punk/folk/hipphopp

On 19th feb we did  we didd a historical live musical radio chk link with my "grandpa"

http;// also chk the main guys post Italien and for booking info and discussion we  also have a show doing what we did LIVE on wed 25th with that unit the birds nest pub 32 dephtford new church street se8 4rz u.k london

we travel to Scotland to play show in Edinboro thurs 26th feb a once a year "treat" for me and for those in Scotland who want to hear a 100% fool singer songigniter songcraft hipp/slick/blues sci-fi rok reggae science heres is the the link

and on the 27th we are playing with
Billy liar a topp alt alt punk singer songigniter in Durham
then we are in BRISTOL on 1st march playing a alldayer with a bunch of bands(some of them excellent bands) a great all dayer!! i play 4ishpm solo and acoostik
please check my downloadable music on variety of legal downloadable platforms which allow me to eat and buy bread olives achaar cous cous etc ha ha
also dont be afaraid to ask you local venues and local agents and managers for the babar luck to visit your town - for all the people and real people love all the people all the time- thats the truth as best we can carry out we do our best- there is always room for imporovement- support d.i.y.
on a last note but important one for me as a musician in this northern western europe who has had the blessing to work with and continue to work with Great musicians - someone who i consider a true gentleman and a genuine supporter of babar luck music since early 90s in all my styles- from the early kp band days to just a month or so ago- He was the main stay drummer  of  bands Conflict / Discharge   Inner teresterials for many years -  r.i.p Paco
much strenth and peace to all of you- we are all mixed-
we are all ONE


Babar Luck tumolt (the unofficial mayor of London town ) the last 3 weeks & 3 shows and what more there to know love is king


the word is loved

& moves from us to us and talk Bout us

them and you and who dem me and who me you

billigerance is a scam for the fat poets loosing ground

whilst me the skinny poet keeps from falling upp and staying we are all down

happy like

when down when the red lights are on or and as and when the light goes on the contineous cycles of birth rebirth death aand the born again

loose again rise again and keep flowing

yes was in the Bristol endz u.k

and the world citizen who shall be with me forever was over and we was jumping to the sounds of the riddim and the WORDS WRITTEN THAT EMBELISH

what we was all about emilio giacomo berrocal in hiz paper a thesis

of the hegemony and the paragihm shifts that take place

and the train thats us racing against ourseleves and we aint gonna make it

we are going to make it

but we are not as important as what made it

and the earth she will keep making and remaking herself like pino daniele that solitory voice singing

and then is gone will sing no more thats the cylcle the flow

cant get bk to it move forward accept 

we was in Bristol the chelsea in easton on the 12th feb

with maxi rai and Qeld

sorted by a wayster and a mcneil

a cuzz of clayton blizzard the one with the dramatik appeal

thanks to the humans who got into it

and did we get in to it

was wid dino machino that wonderful freespirit

too free for some but thats just hard luck

we are what we are we can only improve slowly

briliant mr. tim looking out for us long night

took a coach to salsbury winchester winchestergate 

to sing some support for mr. blake who of to other endz

good luck to dem

mr. o kane was there mr. scrimshaw drove there

played great bass guitar there with me

we met there

we watched mr. blake do a wonderful sett

a crowdpleaser and topp rate songwriter

i believe sausage is the main word

make of that what you wil

apparently he is doing a festival it wil be its second year this year

he is a leader of sorts the festival is called sausage festival

then i was driven bk

by mr.scrimshaw to hiz endz

we shared a few sentimental moments pon da river

and a vegy samosa

some quite funny sarcasatik moments

yield to yield not something that casts adrift this sweetfeelingz

woke wen E ad to get to work

mr. scrimshaw chiveraazly drove me to the station

where pon i took da train to me brederenz endz south london

i had spent a night on the head of the river richmond

a place where people live

woke upp went to get my hair cut well trimmed bk

 me hair al salt an pepa and bald spot

got to try and look slik coz thats the businez we iz in

went to a wifi shop and tapped away i prefer a large screen and as my compute iz not at doze endz

i hv recently been given a smartfone

some whud say me having a smartfone is a oxymoron

never too young to learn never too old to learn

slowy but surely

there r some borgs who look after my basic wi-fi care and they have sett upp things so i can jump in and out without having to do little as poss !?

respect to dem at moment i am being instructed by superborg one and two sauf east

throoout this existance there are many very genereous and

and the too kind humans who are friends and musicklovers who reach and keep us going

so it was the day of our valentine night 2015

i even neglected to give my lioness a valentine card totaly forgot this year 2015

(and as i had started that cliche)

which went down well (not)

forgetin such things 

the show ...and the night ....

firstly massa confusa from newcastle played wel

their  post punk song electrik stuff 

also were respectful and easy to be around

was nice and easy and all the performers who were there i sugest to chk them for those

who folow me about chk me tweet page facebook page youtube page or my live music bit which often has who or what is playing with us

this night was a no differant from those other great nights i have had

so in a way i got me brederen from &

me partner in remakingeurope called also the gamecat

sang spoke squealed some entertaining and funy and yet loving an sincere words/poems/insults       but also


bit vulgar for some conservativ tastes

but love and the act of love is not a mills and boon more loon toones

wel it has elements of Rumi and such floetry but the essence lets  be basik

it is a basik act a natural need so therein i say lovers keep on loving

there was carl chamberlain a poet a dancer a claret and blue lover

and finaly me and the ruby kid did something a poet spoken word rapper type creative and dare i say concious activist

mr.scrimshaw again played bass and

elisa angelou sang beautifuly on home

and gemma gaynor played violin/viola beautifuly who is with child

but very capable of doing much with child

jack blackburn and the conformists played eddie real on the cahoun

topp poet and performer angst laden slabs of floetry

Eddie real  was good for him to sit on a couple of traks and bring that beat 

this gigg was sorted by oliver jhon ward and we thank nole and paddy and crew at the montague arms queens road peckham

so the last scene of this night

sparkles and shiny black night

after all the farewells r done to the precious audience

i am outside

there i am with a lady with a 7 month ol baby a dread from hungary her partner

and their brederen janish a tall musicaneer/chef  wearing a cowboy hat beard and long hair

in a car with a a asortment of hippy/traveler/eco type stuff sleeping bags bangles books

and a large green pott with some freshly made soup in it

which was delicous incidently

and coz me brederen and hiz lady now have me traveling in a smal car

which had a bang on the side of it a dent a collision had ocurred to the shell the outer casing the body of the car

so me fren has gone and i am with the 3 or 4 including the litle baby

and its someone idea that i have to navigate them bk to my endz which tonite hapenz to be a 40 minute drive

so i folow

what i know

i am the worlds worst navigator

a topp songwriter tho which is not much help late at night trying to get

a women with 7 month ol baby a hungarian dread and musicaneer/chef to my endz

throo some minor miracle i manage to get it done get us bk to those endz with that 


the 7 month ol baby

their brederen the musicaneer/chef

and myself

got in had tea and toast and a nice glass of something and we were lisening to music

was playing me small amount of vinyl

blessed are we blessed and i aint going soft i just aint given upp hope

stay brite in the dark and b smart

one love

coz we r all mixed



contact me on or via those nettworks etc etc


look for and download some of my digital music order some babarluck products and get babar luck to your town city province ask local venue to contact ask for me so i can sing for you ha ha














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