BABAR LUCK's poemblogg eid diwali christmas whatever all good if we peaceful&grateful&loving


dont hesitate to forgive

it punches out the hate

being punched out is not a good feeling

i more then often am

needless to say no needles in the hay

we thank the other day Harlow Square way

& all those shows this year so many i dont bother to rememeber

each special each meaning something to someone

dilusiions are illusions

and there are no lions in london

juts empty shells and wannabees

but some buzzy bees buzz around

like the bastard son or rick ross said to me

"sad music is upplifting"

the blues he means yes the Afrikaan blues

or the European blues the days of race r done

money can keep away problems

but some lives are sadly stil worth more then others in all parts of the world

who will shedd the tears

i cry till salt fills out the room

i use it to cook some musical dishes

some dishes for the cast out the rejected the dejected the bullied still singin for them

for YOU as well as you ride that chevy

before the levy breaks

the universal blues dont need text

the less words we overstand the better it getts


be brave in the dark humans


if you look on my dicography on this webiste there  are some albums they can be downloaded via digital download companies you know there are lotts out there so -  investigate use your ears and look and find if you wish- very proud of all my music and all my sounds- i thank all the musicians and helpers- babar luck dec 2014


TONITE babar luck solo Harlow sQUARE essex CM20 1DW supporting Talisman & big upp to Brixton last night


Dear humans we are humans we whud love to thank all that came last night---Brixton yes one of my fave endz from being a young boy getting into musick and my love of south london began way bk wen - one love community and all the lovely longtime and new found friend it was a electric chaos and musical moziacs of babar lucks last night -OUR punkjabi londonurduish pure british soundz- thank you love you always peace- now my head truns to tonite a Reggae filled set with my acoostik guttar and those blues & blessed to hav mr.scrimshaw on bass tonite- a big hand to a lovely ol friend oo if we mek it out of the ginat superstore with our bellies full- Anarchy and Allah begin with a A.

babar luck's EastEndTrinity LIVE sat 5th dec THE PRINCE ALBERT coldharbour lane sw9 8lf in Brixton london u.k


Next show wil be the fri 5th dec eastendtrinity brixton 418 Coldharbour Ln, London SW9 8LF london

our rockband eastendtrinity utilising all forms of electric Rock music  as well as bring in some punkjabi london urduish hipp hopp reggae noise which wil shake your anatomy and reach ones inner soul

the only place to be in europe/western landscpaes free from 9pm we onstage 10ish pm  fri dec 5th      fri dec 5th south london Brixton 418 Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 8LF

babar luck thanx the old & new dreamers and entertainerz oo came out to the commie faggots fri 28th nov 2014


coz i am super hi- fi alien lifeform in a way

we work the stage mate had some wonderful earthlingz approach us and visit us last night

the night had some wild artistick peoples there Nazir kareem  was there

wow he got the wordcheck like Dali with street eitquette

Ant smith was profanity expressed in poem lyrical beauty honesty tragedy

as i dont chase and dont want embarass heads some showed who are pushing ther ways selling 

product to many many humans and learning ablout theirselves and realising like we all must everything must change   

and we had a chat time to refelct a little and i love them and they love me coz yes they could be many other places then to chk

the unoffical mayor of london town and muti musical genra anticks

i show them the heart the truth & i dont expect much back i cant give nothing but my music

there was the socialist choir who were wonderful talking about human issues before capitol issues in sometimes light hearted way and sometimes tears fall down once face ways

coz cruelty to humanity is still the way

our way is love and the Archie from the Commie Faggots whos launch night it was was super on it and they entertained and

Calm Carl didd the sound with his brother from another mother sarah was there & a muticultural mix from most endz of the earth

and talking of mothers regardless of whats what they are the most important humans on earth

coz they gave us birth first them we should look to and respect then all else comes after like mother earth

mother earth needs much care brothers and sisters and what she can show us is sometimes beyond our imagination

some are real and some wil always be fake but we MUST love 

forgiveness compassion empathy peaceful ways peaceful times enjoyment 

the last sentence to mr. scrimshaw for pulling those bass stringz and increasing and decreasing the tention he who lives in the light and tries to show mr.luck how-

yes please chk 

my folk band website

our rock band

& please chk lissen auron to some music 5 cds available from the internet downloads

peace is a long time coming but soon come humanity must learn








BABAR LUCK solo acoostik wid mr.scrimshaw on bass fri 28th 7.30pm free 30 min sett 181 Stoke Newington Church St, London N16 0UL


the genuis and "out there" musical wonder who loves all the people all the time & plaYS MANY STYLLES of musick

and to prove it he plays with the Commie faggots cd /album launch

wow now theres a lott of good acts and cabaret madness that night

i aint good and i aint cabaret

we shall be with mr.scrimshaw on bass guitar

those that know or dont know we have played around a 1000 milion shows together

just me & him nice & easy does it everytime a sight to behold

somehwere between charlie chaplin & king lear via bob marley & chester p -

it is a free show 7.30  onwards we play 30 min sett around 7.30pm fri 28th


babar luck's EAST END TRINITY thank Bristol for the wonderful show on sat 22nd the red lion easton bs5 9bp


what is there to do

but to thank you lott

with our bells which was

bristol on sat 22nd nov 2014

love lt evening

rag weed supported from brighton

ad we played with our band with a frenship

some dont know and some will never know

but we know whats what and we bash out

some chronic tunes on the ELECTRIC babsocaster a guitar made by a master lutier mr.scrimshaw

via the aid of loud drumms from mr.bridges and fat bass rumble from mr.hetterley

we are eastendtrinity

a punk/metal /noise /punkjabyish /london urduish/all one loveish but naturaly being rockish comes out a savage grace like

good to meet some old friends and make some new ones is our website & & we even fake face

we have 2 available for downloads via amazon & yes you can support us if you wish

love and peace babar luck


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