Shocreeah & dziekuje & gracia to all for the last show londontown & we on to bristol Red lion bs5 with EASTENDTRINITY next


yes blinded by delights-

got Asgar Khan time machine on and Henry my son jason james lovely name  were on like the poet karnzii

milton  keyenes like poets dream of what like boika eztebahn pratini del duomo what?

wow i am taken away with all things he who knows nothing oliver james ward & paddy & kate &danny

is this a room full of humans - stripping down all - some real heads carl & sarah & billy & dennis & daniel hoviz &dan &Kitty &ruby &alice wunderkind

& yes U i did not forget i got go with this flow here right now- we cant do requests like mr.Hicks we know dat we dont miss a trick clayton bangs it out he did not even swear- i wish i cud say the same - a birthday celebrated int he same room -

holby harry counting coins i write this as the bodies downstarirs are sleeping maybe will be waking soon a penchant for nothing  will we be - like the lost solgers wheter out there n the street or head upp with a colorful ragg we know our duty see

i see nothing but Gods love we are one we are mixed we are full done we all have our choices to make - Athur you here - point to hiz heart- Truth will find us all love wil win - peace out

the picture is taken by another me Funke and the two tone baby who rocked it lovely dubbly watch him lissen enjoy dat

NEXT SHOW with my dear comrades Andi & Justin who know me too well-we play punk/metal/ragga/hipp hopp at Redlion whitehall BRISTOL BS5 206 Whitehall Road Whitehall Bristol BS5 9BP

TUMOLTS(the unoffical mayor of london town speaks) northeast 26/27/28/sep 2014 A poemblogg

Now once there is

movement and we can go and

thease shows which i will poem blogg on and on on
were booked months ago

coz we live as we liv

i was blessed to meet a old friend from way way bk in a

a free festival free festivals are great to go to

not good to play

if you know what i mean -

Regardless that one i whould have liked to play but i was not asked

who do i think i am?
Babar luck thats who
who is a 100% total fool

and i go where wise men fear to tread

last few weeks been terriffick in the sense of things
and the off the cuff playing 
been doing people have been so responsiv

i thank you all for getting into the musick
when i have played

theres too many in Europe/london/ that take care of me
and that take care of me

firstly and mostly and lastly
the real bloods and the other cuzzins/aunities/uncles/friends

and they know who they are i know who they are 
respect to them the art and the heart the mind and the body

whatever next

now just to point out

and mek some of you aware who i am aware

this love peace who live to this doctrine
and see me as a wise man a healer and lover of all humanity
which i inspire towards and work towards
coz my 1 lov ting i am all for love
love is the way
BUT some are not Real some pretend and think that saying

"i know babar luck hes a friend etc"
meaning using my love
and gentleness
to earn them selves
whatever they are after i hope they get
but i dont know them
love in the human sense blood sense 
but i dont know them
please dont take my honesty
my kindness
or my openheartedness
or my
as a soft touch
something to be used and forgotten
love is love my love is for all
but Respect - and living-
tupac r.i.p
easy e r.i.p-ha ha -
 jhon lee hooker r.i.p
those blues greats said it better then i ever could
to them that do that i hope u find what you are looking for
- if you get me - 
as the unofficial mayor i have Real friends
in most areas of this music bussiness
and this entertainment industry
and on those cold dark roads.

those few words above
is to clarify what some have asked me

coz when we talk about love people may assume

they are weak-
they dont know-
lets take advantage-
they wont mind

i wil get away with it-
they paciff they dont carry tools they aint got back upp they dont fight- they read poetry-
they draw flowers -

they stand under the moonlight and dance-
they drink tea-
they prayto things that dont exist-
they go to church-
they go to mosque-
they got to synagogue -
they go to temples-
they worshipp mother earth-
they listhen to folk music-
they love classical Indian Ragas-
they think love is the way-
they plant seeds and watch them grow-
they dont earn like us-
they dont want to earn like us-
they cry-
they talk about crying-
they walk away from battles-
they allow that-
they allow this-
they dont know the real world-
they learn inversions of chords-
they say love will save us-
i say love will save us-
i do all those things and much more-
so you know those that dont know the REAL
- please dont mistake the love message as a weak one-
The love message
the turning the other cheek message
the allowing people
dont mean thats every time brothers and sisters-
we are human we have feelings
and we try and try to walk that path
we have been shown by peoples much greater and much more brilliant then us-
we will use what we can to protect our children our families
by any means neccassary- full stop-
to protect to shelter- to feed to nurture
like easy e r.i.p 
like lisbeth salander
like lisa ling
like Mulan Fa -
like harriet tubman-
NOW music

the show etc well firstlyi mett MY brederen in Luton

thAT night before mett
Carl a youngblood
he recognised me outside the Luton station
off the cuff like
yes we chatted nice to know we
get it - he talked about a Punk festival that he goes to every year
i said i am hipphopp camps in folk camps in heavymetal camps in knitting clubbs in chess clubbs in world music camps - love art music life
he larfed- i said some i cant go back to some places i want to go back to
thats life as well that particular one
has a little of too much for me but thats me i am supersensitiv
i like to be around humans where i feel comfortable
in enviroments where we feel we are appreciated
-dont we all- life a challenge deffinetly-
went to a "building site"
a bit harsh but my brederen mr. Stevenson said that
i have slept been in places much worse much much worse
infact it was tidy and clean
and the love was present
and we had tea and talked about much
the world
the politics
the humanity
the way
THE RASTA (hindi-for the way)
we all are used and abused in a way
the way and how we deal with that
the usual Philozoferz hi
listhened Jean luc ponty went to sleep
-awakeing we arose and left
early on a crisp warm autum day-
and the journey was very pleasent and we noticed some
geographical changes in the enviroment-
coz mr.S concentrates in other enviroments and areas he does not regularly get to view what gwaa on-
pon arriveing at Durham
we checked the Cathedral
and we cheked out st.cuthbert
and what went on with him and what he done
history is interesting and how we view history
places of refuge and the faith
thats instilled there for
hundereds of years
is alive it exists the keepers of the faith
dont loose faith
it increases coz there is refuge from the world and man made laws are and do tend to disapoint so makes one very sad and unhappy
thats why the mass of humanity does look for spiritual and practical outletts
thats not baised on politcal ideaologies
humanind is very unkind and cruel and deceptiv
and the views are very very nice
after that
we had some noodles
and some food from the far east
and a nice cupp of tea to wash it down
got in to Jam Jah and met the crew who are all lovely
and me connection Dave
lovely dubbly he putt some lovely
statue of black cats near me
well cats are very spiritual animals
i sung song to a room where people
listhened and even jigged and danced
the bluesman the trobadeur trouveur gleeman
well thats what i do to capture something not seen
yes much love to that whole jam jah crew
and on other point for the makers of jam
and the healing and sweetness of jam
thats why its called jam jah
ha ha ha ha ha 
Afterwards i saw my tall friend
i whould describe a sis foot six skinhead with
tatoos on his head
& a love of Rock and roll
the kinda of Rock & roll
which is Elvis on wards
i am sure there is diddly Bo
in there as well as berry Chuck
naturally the development has been
uber schnell and Psyco billy
and all its variants
Naturaly the southern flag is there
It is used as a "rebel" thing i am told
Naturaly i say each to their own
if it does not effect me
Or hinges upon my children or my personal space
Now Incidently i am a musicologist &
he gave me a music on cd format
he played on it
The Bastard Sons Of Cavan
"lust songs fer wantons"
released on
the western star recording company
i am aware of history of country and rock and roll
The combination of the blak and white
Because maybe i am brown so i dont take sides
Infact i dont see any color anymore
People see color i got ridd of that Pre historic stoopidity
Many moons ago maybe i never had it thats why its ONE lv
But we dont play Reggae
Well my uncles definetly call me Jamaicanstaanee
But i still dont play Reggae
Now i dont have a problem with that
I dont use genras myself people force me to
Coz they dont get it
& they need clarification to get it
Good music is good music
& again that old chesnutt
Capitol needs boxes to sell product
Tangent no just a poemblogg
my friend tall friend and his lovely lady are to get married i believe
i wish them the best
it will be again a case of when two worlds collide
But in a way thats love
Coz we are all so different
As a wise drummer said "its like a jigsaw"
I say no its not like a "jigsaw"
We stayed over at my psycobilly Rock and roll loving friends house
we awere well looked after all the best with their union
In the afternoon
we drove to MR. Burns in Newcasttle putt our baggs down
Had mr. Allen  a blood from another world sing some songs
He was hanging out at Mr.Burns from the night before
He is a very good musician i can tell
Naturaly young and needs to calm down a little
Infact thats the first track of the cd he gave & a good one it is
CCTV ALLSTARS -"in operation"
i belive he resides in this world
Now for the namechecks etc please chk other nettwork things i do as well
Coz this one is so heavy & universal & from experience lott of what i say
People may disagree with thats o.k. thats human
so do chk things like
& those that are mentioned they Know who they are
If they read this then all good
if they dont no problem
me just letting my memory putt down what i can whilst i am alive
I also mett that night a chap from a Industrail elctro type band
We have mett and hes seen me around Archie
I believe it is early days on his nettwork thing and they just beginning
there first cd thingy is CALLED "AMBLYOPIC"
the band are called Massa Confusa
naturaly we meet before a show or after a show which is never that easy
coz i am either tired or wired or bit of both
We played a bar called Bar loco a worldly Spanish place
They have a room uppstairs and art gallery above that
compared to many places and venues it is a good one
played with the 8piece Juggernaught love band
who i have played with a few times those endz nice humans decent music
Its British Funk 70s inspired
The drummer of that band a good man and good drummer
there were two solo acts before i played Jack & Olivia
They just starting out wish theM best
keep doing that thing
The room listhened and they were good to me
went back to mr. Burns eventualy slept
another band who are good for beginners
is the other band the frontman of the funk band plays with
The Pastures i have tried to get a decEnt show for them in london /folk clubbs
But because folk clubbs in London dont know me
well they do well thats another matter
And i dont know them
And  they definetly
Are Unaware of my unofficaility
i am implying
if anyone can assist any bands i suggest mention in any genras
Contact them directly because
the agents and bussinessmen have hidden agendas and money as the main motivation
coz that is thier job and thier livelyhood
i dont think much MONEY progress can be made in this bussiness
withOut agents publicists and managers
coz that is their full time job thats what they do
Because musicians no matter how good they are are not that good at bussiness
In all my career i have known ONLY
one or two ONLY
who can muti task and actualy build something to feed
and to nurture thEIr familIes and children
It is a bussiness it is not a labour of love
the labour of love is making the art and the music
and singing playing that music putting that art OUT
check Easy e Ruby kidd check Edward scizzortonugue chk Chester p chk
& a million zillion other books factual evidence
i am sure they will tell you the same in a way
we are art makers and lovers of life dont forget that
i concentrate with whats living inside of me
i have my moments of rage and anger sadness i am human
there is always room for improvement
we are continualy trying to be more peaceful more loving more human
i have many regrets but we have to move on
we are not superhuman we are supersensitiv
we are open not closed inclusiv not exclusiv loving realistic
we have to look forward and concentrate on the now
I live and strive to prosper
i read about Captain Kirk and their functions
that man in his 80s who played that character
smart man yes
live long and prosper
just like spock
Incidently the last show was for me a coming home
one of me homes i am comfortable in heavymetal places and punkplaces an
traveler camps and squatts and raves and dances and hipphoppshows and folk clubs and
all of that and worldly music classical jazz clubs clubbs all of that etc
shame to miss out dont miss nothing enjoy it all
the last show was with some of the more alternative
musical crowd the crowd i whould dare say that share a more leftfield view of the world
but not as much as some whould think coz raiseing children requires rules and discipline as
a writer a political one said why whould i trust or belive anything that someone says
if they dont have children.
Yes that whould not only be a wrong move but a unwise one rhetoric is all and good till one has children
so remember that
dont take the advice of humans who have not raised children or been in responsibilty
of the little people
i think thats wise you think what you want
we were in a gathering on this sunday
the last show of the three PROPER show and Gail
the lady who looked me upp and who i was intorduced to
by the Firepit collective(Chezney&jay) a offshoot of Inner Terestrials
a crew i have known a longtime and we have kept in touch and their Original
drummer and i do share a real love plus he likes a chatt so do i
Not only have they stuck to their principles
(what are those those young readers be thinking?)
look it upp/google it
check what it means whilst one is at it i suggest
Integrity is another word similiar to principles to chk
Funke and thw two tone baby played
(who was intorduced to me by a topp singer songwriter Robb Blake)
Funke and the two tone baby  does his things with pedals and realy goes all out
to try and get that crowd into his modern /alt blues songs
Headjam WERE present as well & many others i didd not see
coz we arrived on the sunday 4pm
that Gial thingy which is the last gathering before Autum falls
and before the nights get colder here in old blighty
There were many other bands on that festival/gathering
and many of those are linked throo ideals
and a way of life away from popp fashion the obsession with acumulation of material gain 
as the mainstay of everything
i think what they do share is a real love and the impression i get
is that do love doing what they can to raise their children with a belief
in something more then Just rhetoric and words and t- shirts and apps and how many
hitts they had or whose famous and whats famous
"not all things can be measured by gramms units or benjamins"
or as another
brother from another mother said
"is the only criteria for great art is how popular one is or how many you have sold?"
as Lional Richie said one of the biggest selling male artists in the world
"each generation has artists that are so fabricated and one wont be able to
remember what they sang or what they were within a year or two"
meaning their shelf life is short lived
or as a modern folk/hipphopp/songwriter Clayton Blizzard said
"there are many millionair slaves in those recording rooms"
we are all human is what i think
and we all have to do what we have to do
i am definetly aware there is much room for improvement in me
I am aware i have a long way to go
i continue to try my best with what i can live with and share to this world
i do believe a open honest conversation is possible
i do believe all our needs can be mett
love and forgiveness and empathy and compassion can be great tools in reconcilliation
in all battles we face
so those who read me unique and and some whould say long poembloggs
must also remeber i like fatt books hard back books and i grew upp on progg rock
and bollywood films 3 to 4 hours long
and some of those ragaas last a day
plus me love of jazz oh YEH
ha ha ha ha ha ha
be brave stay brite in the dark
you can uppload my music from a wide variety of nettworks
and all my styles are out there itunes amazone etc etc
and catch me at my numereous shows advertised or not advertised
be brave in the dark
for live bookings please contact me via email idealy
til next time
the unoffical mayor of london town
babar luck

poemblogg TUMOLT speaks fri 5th sep 6th sep 7th sep & 8th sep 2014 let love rule

for the lowest doggs

&the hi-est kites
for the catts purring under northern skies for the God and Goddesses and

for those struggleing in hi-er offices

plantain or implants

like you know you got to tek

care on the underground

take care on the underground

for Ron moore and Bobby moore

for me thats gonna be much more then what i was hold on coz you are my lover my friend and my cuzz

When i get that statue built in Trafaglar Square

de-Nero like Juiian Dickks like

but widd more balls

like "unlce" Nutts

when young knocking on doors

open upp or i knock it down

the clown becomes the master of ceremonies and whilst
the penchant for the weak is a infamy

i dont wear no diamonds

coz uncles dont either

we played at passing cloud East Dalston was visited with mr Meller

& the elisa angelou

we was playing there for Natty who invited me that day

fri 5th sep 2014

got there early coal looked after us and hiz crew were nice to us

i was shook upp coz me Godchild turnd upp only 16 years on this earth

and what

i was and am

is not a very genereous man
coz i have very little i require not much
a hard teacher a terrible pupil

and a total fool

cant breath like i used to loosing aint good for me loose too much

Sister bought her

the sister that i bless widd modern language bibilcal texts

that i made into that hi thought

that i walked into the church with those days away AROUN 1998
and out of the 8 Godfathers 

who sighned i am the last one dere in a way

there is another around swimming like a fish hi-er plane

slinging my heartlines to her

i am still there
the only Mc on the block
(a third rate Mc see)

she is a wonderful child pure Canning town Grace

so how long will it be till i see her
not as long as last time i hope
i remember her grandmother 
Elizabeth born in the same piece of earth
as i was born
can you imagine this
this lineage i imagine you cant or can you?
putting that mirror to you
me and elisa had worked on that last track we played
that long one about "home"
4 walls and a roof dont make a "home"
i gave a brief to Natty
and i imagine it whould take someone like Roger millington
to figure out
that off the cuff the story as he counts his Godclidren
he runns out of digits on hiz hand
12 i remember 12 of dem
and yes they ask him for much knowing him
i know he whould give more if he could
thats why he works so hard
and rocks and rolls
like creedance clearwater revival you know
thats that rock and roll band he plays 1 off da bandz he plays in
or is it  walk in the park like mr. newman or numan
is it a Gary  in the beginning of that name
yes a halocopter or carz
was a big hitt
sold more units then you kiddz
that mirror right there in yor face we dont dumb down m8
facts are facts and figures are figures
so whould you belive it
the room was full full of humans & those 20 somethings
yes Dalston "the lost cities of Dalston "remember dem Bender a band
did that a good band
well me and mr. meller who are both musical space cadetts
and we bash out tunes
for the audience yes and it was "out there" coz him on keybroads and me on guitar
wel without other humans on stage its obvious we whould elaborate and extend things
luckily we salvaged that sett with elisa on the last track
singing her bitts and killing it
me doing me 4th rate mouth percussion
(a bit like not as good as the lost world citizen tom swarman)
and those 20 somethings and younger got into that
and they talked to me after the show to say
yes they dugg that which was nice of demm
but i didd it for dem to get that and do it for the audiience 1 or 10,000
its all the same to me i bring it
to get you to you you know
Grawe played after a young blood with songs and riddim section indie/rock/soul  type ting
Good they were tight
Tallowah played after from Southend
rasta musick topp notch with modern edges and
a real sense of history and respect for the art form of Reggae
which many as a bluesman to paraphraze  said about the blues man
"they want to play blues so bad and they plAy it so bad"
"they want to play reggae so bad and they play it so bad"
you get me?
Tallowah played good reggae and good songs for me simpy good music
labels i hate dem i hate labels
but its a essentiality to give a view for the humans that need labels & sighns
its like toilets and have played dem
well like if toilets had no sighn on the door
men whould BE going into the ladies
and ladies whould be going into the mens
hmm....well that could be a idea?
i suppose there whould be no humanity if we didd not do that?
samejghei? underich? understand? get me?
anyway dont loose Your sense of humour -DEAR humanity
spokesome words here and there got out of there we didd me & mr. meller
got bk to sauf london
and then we were sleeping soon after 5ish am
i was awoken with "mr. luck"
at around 11.30 am the next day the sat 6th 2014 sep to travel to the Malcfest a real family
which has mr.moody a part of as well as mr. anton
well you know what familes can be like
and they are no differant
it is all about communication and thats something we can all improve upon
but it aint easy for anybody make that 1st steep stepp
important to communicate honestly on all sides
and as a outsider looking in i do love you all AND ALL YOU KNOW ME.
i got to be me though and i dont take sides.
i love you all.
yes a  gatherng of ideas and idealologies
this place is deep deep Kent
in the "garden of england"
so we were there after 3 trains and 3 hours
and simon mett me there and another chapp
wow super comfort
and we got there 3ish pm and we were
scheduled to play with 
at  4.30pm on sat 6th 2014 Malcfest
and yes we was hi
& i mett a lady who worked in Newham council
(london is very large city it is devided into councils/borroughs depending on the
area the bourough council is in varies and depends on many differant things social/cultural/historical
but councillars
and leaders of thease councills are generaly like most leaders
doing very hard work for very little respect
but ofcourse lotts of wages and ofcourse
like most of humanity some work for and deserve those wages and some dont) 
poor lady (patronisation) apologies i have some
and she is still alive to tell tell the tale
ha ha
she persuaded her friends to stay a while to hear
she was and iz a good one many of dem out there
they make the world go round
The bowl INN at Malcfest was rammed and they were
very good to us and my wonderful players in that band mr. Gaynor and mrs Gaynor
after i played i mett full borg
a J who is also one of my computer teacher
and he was very kind to me and lissened to me and
we sat with Rowland and Annie
who were very wonderful orators and chuckling humans
as the sunn sett
and J was very kind to driive me to the station
i was very tired by then i was tired before i reached there
Thanks for J for being so nice
and HE stayed
all weekend i imagine and partied
keep hi J
best way to b
me i got bk to the 4 walls around 11ish pm
slept soundly
planning things
i had the urge THE NEXT DAY SUNDAY
TO see me old friends who i have not seen for a while
so i jumped on a train and then had to wait coz the train
whould not go THAT way
so i had to get a bus and so i could not get to where i wanted too initialy
so what i didd was make that plann in the back of my mind real
what i didd was go and chk friend  CARL who is the calm type
and we have not mett in a while i had my guitar with me
so i sang a few songs AT  a pub on T- on the hill
and mett my friend at that pubb on the T-on the hill
and then another friend
this other friend who i have known most of my life
took me to hiz endz deep sauf london
and we talked a little reasoning
and spent time deep sauf london
sonoo samejghei?
and in the morning which was monday 8th sep 2014
we caught upp on things
and went to see the bassman mr. Zidarich
who plays in the babar luck experience me 2013 release and is a
dear friend i know that he knows that but practicalities are practicalities
like all me musicans they try and play with me when they can it is a labour of love for them
i know
not out of choice
if you get me?
the choice to have so little capital in the equation is not what we whould choose
this leads to all forms of excuses and other things capital makes things easy
creates less confusion you get me? We all got our motivations.
some do and have to do
some cant
 its all about linking
so we went to his house satt about for a bitt at mr. Zidarich
Beacuase my friend had linked with me earlier
and he got in touch
then i had a link with
who was in south doing shows with
Tourettsheroe (google it worth it)
The shows they do are edutainment and to make the point we are
all One regardless of whats what
and are you with us?
check that out
and it is entertainment and so much more
so my brederen 
was about in the sunny london
we took a stroll along the river
satt around outside the Tate modern art place
and we went to the station and he took that long journey
back to hiz endz north north
and yes it was a good day all round.
Yes will see you around 
we inspire to perspire
babar luck is looking for work as always  in oct/nov/dec 2014
for all his wonderful styles
for all his wonderful bands

please contact babarluck420(at)


18th-29 august sehen meine kind da ex-lowin den fly bk a show & carnival the unoffical mayor of london town (TUMOLT) speaks



let the words flow...


flugen flugen

nicht vergessen miene kind du ist in meine hertz alles

du ist in meine koph alles

du ist meine kind und sehr liebe dich alles

und der ex lowen sehr respekt

the past is present and the present is the past

living and forgiveing are hard things

sometimes humans cant forgive or forget

sometimes i dont blame them

sometimes one should never do what one didd

sometimes life is unforgiveing

the street imam(a non practicing muslim) 

or the unoffical mayor of london town

so how am i? like the last word is breathing? if i breathing then i good

alles gutt all is well

einatmen ausatmen

breath in breath out

the street imam lets explain

is like the rebel rabbi

or the righteous priest

things that we do alone and on our knees

prostrate down and bow down

so i say when i spit lyriks from the bank of reality

i tell all who care we care so much too much feel that you feel me

yes coz peoples judge books by covers

and looks by lovers gazing at eyecathers

i catch alott of eyes i am a eyecatcher

so when peoples judge me by the look and ask me for wisdom they are shook when i say

"i the street imam,the non practicing muslim"

and they worry and they look around

i say i have studied all faiths a little

understood even less then when i began

i continue to study those big fat books

coz they have lotts of goodness in them as insider whos a outsider

what can i say when they ask me 

all i can say is from what i have read and understood

(which is very little)

and so on and so on

i know we all shall die and i know its nice to be nice

i know that the world needs more peace more love more forgiveness

more sharing more caring more respect more forgiveness

i know this is hard to do for most of us even me sometimes

sometimes more then sometimes

but like Jinx lennon says a musician

"we must forgive the c***s"

vulgarity is so cheap i know

but after that statement there is a greater line

"coz if you dont forgive the c***s they wil kill the peace inside of you"

words to that effect

thats a deep thought and a real one peace forgivenss is the key

we  played a show with some humans  the other day

it was at a wonderful establishment with wonderful security and wonderful staff and wonderful musicians 

and ther was a special guy called Bob LIng who was there

and Robb was there and the guy Dave was there wow

and the music was fatt and liquidy good bands good Rock and Roll

was onstage being me with Scrim to the left of me on the bass

to the right was another philozofer hi mr. meller on the keyboards and he can sing and play those keyboards 

the songs we played on this evening which

will be out most of them new songs with topp musos

on them it will be called

babar luck and the philozoferz hi 2014

this night we played "the love you make" which i putt on

"the river" "like james brown said" "be smart" "one day the slaves will be free" "TUMOLT" &

we ended with "world citizen"

good place there was mick there in the hole in the wall

there was some chap from the watch industry called Tom

there was a chap large Leighton

there was Sandy Sohal taking pictures with Tom that foto on this blogg one of them

there was goodness in that room a sort of goodness

i hung out in the back with some beauties

and some care bears they are rare they may seem another kind

but they are one of my kind

took the black line to the homeline

got upp early next day went to the Notiing Hill carnival

super dooper made by the Windrush communities 

who got no respect for starting the Carnival

many wanted to stopp it

back in the way

but the carnival lovers fought to keep it

they were told they should shutt it down

but they fought with words communication & stubborness

thats one thing thats not the same as the usual u.k stuff

thats the Notting hil carnival well its a part of u.k. now

like the windrush communities now are (sometimes)

who like l.k.j a topp notch poet says

"suffered such terrible terror against us for so many years to this present day" 

the outsider shall reamin a outsider

if without economic strenth and powerful links

thats the ausslander

thats the alien anywhere? is it not ?

i dont know me dumkoph in a world of dumkophen

no not you?you?or you?

RELAX  ease upp chill out calm down simmer down

me i am slow simple slow...simple not stoopid

i do know him a topp notch poet

that L.K.J

him a topp notch poet him lay it down

dubbpoet slay it down

i danced at the Carnival i jumpd upp

me the Jamaicanstaanee

coz the Dreads that i hung widd

tol me you topp musician and you get the Reggae

& you yamm upp our food you yaamm upp our culture with Respect

and you speak it like True Rasta

and you know what they told me the word Rasta comes from

from India which was Hindustaan

before the great British empire split 

they sent Indians to work in the Islands

to do the easier nicer jobs

to get the slightly nicer easier work

coz thats how empires are built through 

the art of devide and conquer  

so in Hindi Rasta means the Way the path

SO  as i represent mixing and loving me call me self

Jamaicanstaane sometime coz jamaicans called me that

when i was youth jugen a child

and me say me more Jamaican then the Jamaican

coz me brederen said that so i say it bk

they also jump upp when i jump dem

i jump upp to lov dem ha ha

like all faiths and humanity love be the key

so the Carny is over for another year and i was blessed upp to be there

i think it is the largest european carnival

we have no color i dont see no color

straighttalking talking trooth

my mother said only action matter not color

words anyone can speak action make it

so i try to improve myself and my actions

but every action get a reaction

we must become slower to judge

quicker to undertsand

open upp

fly fly fly

let the words flow

but actions speak louder


sprechen ist silber schweighen ist gold


i have much nett pressance my name is babar luck

i have music on itunes which you can download

also thease other basic websites & nett platforms


i also am always looking for live musical work for my bands

and my wonderful musicians

wher i and my musicans get treated with Respect

i am always pushing my self and making music that excites enthralls me

as i hope it excites stimulates you

keep alive enjoy what you can

stay brite in the dark







the babar luck worldcitizen folk band in Boomtown fair 8th august 2014& a irish musician 9th aug J .EOIN the weekend gone..

setting off

sett off

get there

me was awake that day on the fri 8th 2014 six ish am

the fone rang to remind to wake

awoken by a friend

now i am on the way

i take the train and and the tube and then i walk

linkes rechts and gerade

waking upp is a victory

as me "uncle" Nutts r.i.p commented

"if i wake upp in the morning then i am good"
yes a way to look at things etc..
there are those that survive and those that live
what am i? you decide i get on with what i can
this day was to the Richmond endz
to c a mr. scrimshaw
the bass man and master lutheir very hi- ly regarded by all
who know anything about music humanity and making intruments
from scratch me like scratch larry or harry
sava? sava?
jump upon dat riddim
he who i?
englishtaanee then londonstanee then jamaicanstaaanee then africanstaanee
then frakenstaanee then the world citizen a dreamer allow me to dream
obscene some forget to dream
so we were once again at the meeting point
for a show at Boomtown Winchester
i was invited six months ago
by the main booker the captain another captain captain?
very good to be asked as i am just a small fish
in a giant ocean
due to my artistic ego and
Bizzare view of the world
also my many musical bands and great they are
but this is a babar luck and what more can i do thats me
this festival was created by many heads many years ago and it is team work and work it is for those
who do the work the others like we play and enjoy
rules discipline and much planning is done working with councils the police the goverment even
so thats the lott of the organisers  agreat deal of work
we collected the other two musicans in the babarluckworldcitizenfolkband the chaoun/djimba 
and the violin/viola 
mr. m. gaynor and miss g. gaynor
at winchester station and proceeded to this place which is a large space full of peoples and 
a large field or fields
as we were running a bit late i asked if we could just skipp the preliminaries
and the staff were o.k i think coz they saw a small fish whos been around along time
some be thinking:
(how does this small fish survive? in this giant ocean?
they must wonder he looks not like us thinks not like us is not like us
they know this i know this -what does he eat? how does he feed?)

i can tell you straight upp  through the help of my blood family and few very dear friends is how i live eat and breath

for example on this occasion
they kindly allowed us to skipp the preliminaries and thank fully i had

a backupp
in a vehicle called Chezney
whos a topp musician and top bloke
he was working on the site and driveing and helping peoples get from a to b
thankfuly we had pre-aranged to meet
and once i had booked in at the site
whilst booking in i started to see many musicians who are doing very good music
saw the Skints and we hugged and i saw
Kevin Baldwin this guy i aint seen over two years hugged
saw the "uncle" of the Skints
jack from a good rock/hipphopp band claypidgeon 
i felt a bit prickly regarding the recent past coz of no contact from sum of dem
but we do what we got to do
we both larfed a little about the "bait" fishing etc in east a while back
time moves we all change some dont
some stay with the ancient ways
sometimes the ancient ways are the best
for all humanity
there must be rules and discipline to make anything work
from large corporations to friendshipps
i am aware of this i celebrate this
Gorgeous George was there that band we mett again
when i intorduced me self to the chapps at the sighning in place he was unaware of my
unoffical mayor of towness
also of the greatness of
to be fair one can imagine the volume of how many egos and weirdos he has to deal with over the weekend
and hes just a checker in and outer
and i am just a old small fish
thankfully Chezney was on the ball or in the vehicle a four by four
those vehicles oft seen in inner cities
in London not needed to be seen there
because of the lack of hills and bumpy terrains
but in this enviroment a good vehicle to have for off the road driveing
the four of us jumped in and we were taken to the old mines stage
to the backstage and where we hung out and waited and i bimbled about
letting the andrenalin flow through me talking rubbish being a old small fish
we waited for the band to finish like most festivals there is no need or time
for long soundchecks and unles one has a soundperson
and a monitor person who know the sound and the songs
it is best to just plugg in and play
if one can vaguely hear oneself onstage then its a good thing
and we can play thease songs blindly
which is a funny term coz we are using our ears and not our eyes
all eyes and ears with this and most units who work with me it is best to just
follow what i do and because most musicans who work with me
have been working with me a long while they know my
audiosingcronicities and can follow
ofcourse we do practice
Kobo town played after us i have seen them in magazines etc very good the stage was to be
headlined by Eliza carthy who i admire from a afar have mett briefly a few times great musican
thats one of the reasons i was there but on this sunny day
it was 3pm and were to play and we played a good sett the peoples didd larf and dance and jigged
it was deep and heavy and the music with this unit is very spiritual and sunny and wide
we were in the zone it was good we were pleased after we played
we listhened to Kobo town a carribbean worldy dancy musical outtfitt from france
i went to get some funny paper from the organisers
and Chezney was at hand to drive me there and back and then we drove back to the stage and
(yes saw Perky a wonderful young musican who i have not seen in a while we hugged and she went on her way to play)
we got the euipment and i bumped into some more wonderful humans and Natt Arthurs daughter was
helpful in selling the merchandise and ofcourse Dino was there my spiritual brother
and many others who were so respectful and are always loved
like oltimers we dont hang around too much or party too much anymore
talking about me and mr.scrimshaw &
i confirmed with Chezney who was to play with Firepitt collective  later in the weekend
he kinda know why i cant hang about too much
also mr. scrimshaw had to take care of other matters
so we collected the other two 
and got back to the entrance
where i saw and mett the captain who was very respectful i thanked him for inviteing me
and i bumped into counting coins another topp group
just establishing theirselves from sunny Hull we touched base chatted and we drove back the
m.gaynor &g.gaynor
to the Winchester station 
and away from Boomtown a big thing from small things big things grow
you know you know
we drove out summer shower poured and we drove along the hi-way
and we felt that spirit of the road like the "the hook" whould write about
like b.b.king shouted about
back to the london i was straight and sober nice feeling that one
took a tube a train and walked bk to my four walls dreamt of world peace and unity
next day
Guess who was guesting with the "medicine show "
the amazing and wonderful topp notch musician
J. Eoin
in the king x area on the saturday the 9th august 2014
i was cordially emailed
i thought i whould jump out
hear him play some of his great songs
so i didd
he was intorduced to me many moons ago by mr. scrimshaw
coz him an he played together many moons ago
we and J have shared the stage a few times
he was p;aying KIng Charles 1st Northdown street
near the scala near the snook hall in kings x london
near Houseman books near there
i got there early i hung about was admireing the change and the same in kings x
sat about with him and some characters and oh boy some of those can talk
i can talk too thats what i do talk
too much
think too much
am too much for most
as the liquid was flowing we let our tongues work the words
but me i was there for the music and the music was grand
J. Eoin has done two solo musical works that are availbale from digitaldownloads
i suggest check them out great musical works topp notch
he had a guitar twanger with him who accompanied him on some tracks wonderfuly
i listhened with joy and i stumbled out of there
tenish pm and it was heaving in that place
i rode the tube the train and walked bk to my four walls
lovely feeling vibed by the music
music the remedy
Sunday was a day of rest and thats kinda what i didd
hung out my endz and practiced that guitar and those new songs
always writeing songs
always being respectful to that guitar and the gift thats blessed on me
always praying for peace always straight talking
like i am told by a much wiser more beautiful person then me
we cant be good at all things peace can only happen when there is peace
life is a wonderful blessing
so if you wake upp in the morning
rememeber what "uncle" Nutts r.i.p
"if you wake upp in the morning then you are good"
be brite be wise and stay smart and stay disciplined.
love you all miss you all
the unofficlal mayor of london town
babar luck 


the weekend 1st 2nd 3rd august and few other days before the unoffical mayor of london town speaks 2014

Yes the last few days in a open prose poem style instead of the the other way

for the children 
& your childrens children

the unoffical mayor speaks for all the cities
for all the unoffical mayors of their towns and cities 
what go on

So there was a monday the sunday before the monday

i was seeing

In a place where there was a lott of joy given for the alternative sounds

the place was a meeting place and yes there were humans who drank
& putt their hearts in their mouths

& sang some joyfull noise
& there

it was also a artspace and people dealing with art ideas The Grosvenor sw9 sidney road

will be no more all things must pass i know

But yes there is a shortage of places to sing with ideas and joy

& also a place for someone like me to feel easy
i feel easy in most places
some more then others

but love & peace
& good luck with future things
to those who loved it
& lived in it
& sang shouted in it
& generaly were

human beings communicating being human

Naturaly as the unoffical mayor i have no sway or power to stopp things.

 i know everything must end all things must pass

we all will find our way "home" =death

close open open close end begin end begin

then it was the monday

on this monday my friend Captain Hotknives came over

he was over from doing two festival he had played the Beat Herder 2014
 and the secret garden party 2014 the days before

he had spent 10 days in a field

we immersed ourselves in conversation
& sweetness of life or the sourness of life
the solid walls make a nice change
& the solitude
we had planned to rehearse some songs the songs we had recorded recently April 2014
which is our second musical coupling
the first was in 2010 "Hotknives&Luck knocking on Heavens Door"
a self release thats out of print
but will be digitaly downloadable soon
soon come
as most sounds are thease days downloadable
as and wen i have the togetherness and the funny paper to do that soon come
soon come soon come
this present musical work was recorded few months before with
Aide Hardy at unit 2 studios
North Acton london
so we were making some noise he plays great bass i sing terrible songs and play terrible guitar
but we get it done
also our collabarator & one of mine collabarators of four musical works mr.T.Murrow
a very brilliant drummer 
we planned to have a rehersal on this occasion
because we had a show on 1st August
musicans need to reherse
no matter how great they think they might be
going over songs and repeating the sequences make the listhening for the audience easier
thats why i get Heavy about practice
because it shows RESPECT to the audience
some dont know RESPECT
most artist lack RESPECT for their audience
very important this RESPECT  for all humanity earth and audiences
so on the thursday 31st july we had a rehersal a important day in my life as well for personal reasons (F.A.R.J.L) indeed
we gathered in the warm summer at Dephtford Complex studios
with a gentleman called Miles who runns Complex studios
with his associates friends
& fellow countrymen & women
we sat uppstairs
& the great Reconteur Captain Hotknives amused us with
tails about balls and the squeezing of them
with two humans who play drumms one called kev(who  has played with many associates of mine)
the other mark or simon(this mark or simon plays with a associate of mine and a niche within a niche festival called Malcfest in sep where i am sure i shal play & our conversation wil reconvene )
names and the remembering of them is not my forte
in fact there is very little that is my forte 
i like to throw
words aimed towards me "great" "genious" "gorgeous" "sexybrownblackwhiteman"
i like to play
with with those words
thrown about
i know what i am i am aware of my strenths and weaknessess
(unless i am playing snooker or pool when i think i am invincible)
like correck English spelling
maybe one of dem strenths or weaknesses you decide?
whilst i write
we ran throo a sett the song titles were "Inner glow" "Interpratations(fools)" "Runn Money" "Home" "Love is a ding dong" "comfortably numb too" "House Of The Gods" "world citizen" "outros&Intros" & ending with "one love"
like most topp musican singer songwriters
genuis or otherwise
the main culprit of not being with it regarding playing of those songs in key& intune & in time
is often the main singer songwriter
a paradox yes 
but also a common thread
we ran throo & looked at the songs couple of times
& then we were done
mr. T. murrow went to Peckham to meet his father
& to see a exhibition of his associates art
his friend draws portraits
faces in a realistic style
meaning they look like the actual face of humans
rather then
oranges or lemons
or a block of cheese
which is also another way of drawing
if you know what i mean?
after rehersal me Hotknives
went to the wonderful Birds Nest 32 dephtford new church street se8 4rz
because mr.Hotknives had arranged a meet with some friends at that place
i have not been there in a while it was good to see some very good friends
saw a band called VODUN interesting contempary metal prog style tribal
also saw and said hi to miss. k.Tempest who is very good creative human
like miss. k.Barnes like Mr.T.moody LIKE the band Gorgeous George who have played there
i mett GorgeoGeorge upp the country a few days later small world
 the outcider fest 2014 the 1st one and a good
we got home from the Birds Nest in London
from london 
the next day
we took a coach to Bristol
Captain Hotknives was booked to play the local community festival in Bristol called Redfest
(which happens over a week or so in local areas and parkS and venues in Bristol)
Tangent alert**
the Clutch  is a very important part of drumkitt it controlls the hi hatt
which closes opens goes upp & down sss...sss..
that snake like sound shhhppp!!or chunkier crashing sound
the hi hatt stands on a stand
looking like round two golden plates which are raised and lowered to make sound
the clutch is integral part of getting that to happen
mr. T. Murrow is a hi-hat type drummer
**tangent end sort of----**
it was intrigueing to see how he whould deal with not having  a Clutch
for that show there was no clutch in the building 
Lemmy and Robbie and the rest of us who were there
managed to sett upp sort out& deal with all forms of things lacking that night
the audience were understanding
we thankd them for their understanding
Captain Hotknives didd a brilliant solo sett of his acoustic funny brilliant songs
the audience enjoyed that very much
the wonderful helpers and barstaff were integral part of making the night a good one
Red lion is in Bristol Easton 60-62 white hall road Bs5 9bp
the next morning we Dave a mate of T.Murrow (who came to Bristol with mr.Tmurrow)
we went to the Redfest in st.Georges park
a lovely few hours were spent
mr. T.murrow returend to london with Dave at that point
then a dear friend Chezney
who is a topp musician and all round sensible human
one of the peoples Chezney plays with is jay from the firepit collectiv
Jay from the firepitt collectiv also plays in the Inner Terrestrials
(a important note=i saw the instigator of many great bands and that particular one Inner teretrials the other day Paco hes a "trueblood" i took a "selfie" for me
makes me happy to see him & to say a few words with him he is a Truelegend)
Chezney came to drive me and and captain to mr. Hotknives show in somerset the outcider fest
Chezney didd this because he knows we needed the help
we are very thankful to him and his family
for allowing to him to do this chivalreous act 
families have to bear the brunt of tasks when their "partners" "lovers" "friends" are away
at 4ish pm we got there and 6ishpm Captain Hotknives played
again a very good sett
the bonus for me to attend that Outcider fest was to se on that eve sat evening some
of my youngbloods that i have known for many years
some musicmakers from what i like to think of as a  extended musical family
i dont know how they see me i see them as me "young cuzzins"
(i got to meet sb6 but not d.r i didd see Gorgeous George i didd hear a few other i have seen around)
incidently we had a good ol chat with kevin(fiddle drumms spoons)
who plays with Gorgeous George

the way i look at life and communicate with musicans /humans can be heard as patronising
a way of looking at life maybe too emotional too wishy washy
i am aware thease musicans are grown men and women who do their thing
i like to think of myself as a honest straight "uncle" "bro" "friend" to them
our paths dont meet too often 
they dont owe me nothing
i dont owe them nothing
but there is love and there has been a great deal of time spent together in the past
& maybe the future who knows
but thats how i look at things thats me
a world human family
one love peoples a world citizen
we hugged & left
the morning of the sunday
as always whould have liked to stay
whould have liked to seen Qeld hipphopp from Bristol as intortduced by Hydra books Bristol
as Clayton Blizzard Knows Dino Machino knows time dont allow everything
make of it what you can
 i have music on  i tunes and downloadable sites
chk hear uppload help us to make more music and art by buying our music and art
we have a youtube channel

we have a noisy punk metalband

we are always looking for live work for me and my bands we are about contact us

we have facebook we have twitter accounts babar luck putt in the name chk it this website has links to some of those things....

my next LIVE shows are

8th august at the BOOMTOWN FAIR  winchester u.k with my sci-fi folk band we play friday 8th august 4.30 the old mine stage with the likes of Eliza carthy and many great world class acts

sunday 24th august i play with some musicans 8.30 camden at the purple turtle u.k

i will be at the Notting hil carnival u.k  the next day 25th august being social yamming up food dancing larfing

it is nice to be nice
we are all human we all cry we all laugh
the world is challenging and difficult at times

has always been this way
we are blessed
to be living
& in inviroments where we can speak and write
& express ourselves without fear of death & violence
 or harm to our family & loved ones
so for those who live in societies where
we can do this
lets count our blessings
& we pray
& we send love
& strength to those whos lives are going though difficult times



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